Cheap Flights and Cheap Hotels in Paris

Paris not only shines for being “The City of Light,” but for being the city of music, sound, dance and revelry. Even the most skeptical would be charmed by Paris after sunset. Though less frantic than other world party cities such as Berlin, Madrid or New York, Paris nightlife is legendary too. There you’ll find relaxed bar cafes, the most fashionable dance clubs and mellow dance clubs. Maybe you prefer to go to some of its worldwide famous Cabaret venues or to one of the pubs spread throughout the city.

Along the Rue Oberkampf there are the trendiest clubs for young people. It asserted itself as the city’s coolest new hangout in the mid-90s and even today it still ranks up there. The Bastille area is a must for those people who want to have an all-night party. If money is not a problem the Champs-Elysees is full of luxury bars and clubs. It also attracts a lot of tourist that want to have a great time.

Cheap Flights and Cheap Hotels in Paris
On a Paris night, the cheapest entertainment, especially for the young, is “the show.” At the top of Ile de la Cite, behind Notre-Dame. The Buddha Bar is a symbol on the Parisian nightlife. It is known as an Asian trend bar with the best music and decoration in the city. On the other hand, La Fleche d’Or combines live music with the perfect alternative ambiance.

Paris versatility is nowhere more visable than on a night out. You can begin the night having a cocktail at Place Vendome, and finish it up with a beer in Belleville. This will leave you feeling like you have been into different countries. Paris nightlife offers almost anything you wish for.

The lines between cafes and bars in Paris can seem thin. In most of them you won’t notice the difference between a cocktail bar and an elegant cafe. There are lots of Irish and British pubs too, specifically designed for tourists. This does not prevent fashionable Parisians from bar hopping, as you might expect. There are many bars just for young people too. For all the older people, you may opt for a luxury local venue such as the Ritz bar. In general, bars and pubs are open daily.

If you are a club lover, you’ll find all kinds of places in Paris with the best house, techno, Latin, hip-hop, garage or French popular music. Worldwide famous DJs play the best music in the Paris clubs. Le Divan du Monde, with Brazilian, tango, indie, rock and hip-hop music. Le Saint, with house and salsa music. And les Bains Douches, a Turkish bathhours transformed into an amazing club. These are three of the most fashionable clubs in the city and an absolute must for the Paris nightlife scene.

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Cheap Flights and Cheap Hotels