There are many interesting things to Do in Venice

Venice is one of those cities that automatically bring to mind visions of romance, culture, art and canals. The city itself is spread out across 117 small islands. It has 402 bridges and 173 canals that connect each island or area. Water transport is still one of the main ways to get around this area. Although the old fashioned gondolas are mostly used by tourist these days, the locals seem to have moved to motorized boats as a way of transportation. It’s likely you will take several trips on a gondola to reach the sights you want to see in Venice.

It’s been said that one of the best ways to enjoy Venice is to spend a day getting lost. Head out early in the morning, with no plan and just wander around the streets or hop on gondolas and simply get lost in the day and enjoy the sights that you happen to come upon.

Things to do in Venice

Once you’re done exploring on your own and want to take a more guided tour there are several must-see places in Venice. The Piazza San Marco is, of course, one of the main attractions for tourist. Within that same area you can also see St. Mark’s Basilica and Campanile, which is the bell tower of St. Mark’s Square.

While you’re in that area there is also The Correr Museum, which covers the history of Venice and also the art history of Venice. Another sight to see in this area is St. Mark’s Clocktower. Once you’re done with the sights at the square, you can hop on a gondola and ride down the entire Grand Canal, in a relaxed fashioned taking in the beauty and architecture of Venice.

This city has a vast array of history that has been influenced by many cultures from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, but also from Venetian and Byzantine styles.

Venice is also an important musical influence in Europe with many well-known composers who are from this area. If music is your thing you’ll definitely want to learn about its rich music history and perhaps even visit the opera house for a true Italian opera.

The city is somewhat famous for its fashion statements and shopping areas. It doesn’t compare to Milan or Florence, but this is still a big attraction for tourists and locals alike.

You could as well take the opportunity to buy some gifts there, not only the typical souvenirs such as Venetian masks, but the same type of gifts you would buy at home. You will find plenty of beautiful shops in Venice, so you will certainly surprise your lover, friend or family.

Chances are low that they would already have something identical or even similar.

If you are someone who loves that extra bling, there is no better thing as compared to the Murano Jewelry: endless variety in them ranging from bracelets to earrings and rings.

Enjoying a meal in Venice could be quite the adventure. Since water is a huge part of the city itself, local food fare includes sardines, cuttlefish and eel as main staples.

Venice is one of those cities you will want to spend at least a week taking in all of the main attractions. Don’t forget amongst the things to do in Venice, to set aside one day of your trip to just wander around away from the tourist areas and enjoy the rich beauty of this truly unique city.

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