Romantic sights, much like beauty, is often found in the eye of the beholder. This is an eclectic mix of places to see in Rome to appeal to a variety of tastes in romance.

Top 5 Romantic Places in Rome

Rome has been described as one of the most romantic places on earth. Some even claim it IS the most romantic place on earth. This is a city that is chock full of history and culture. Many travelers have returned year after year because there is no way to take it all in from one trip. If you seek history, culture and romance all in one place, Rome is the destination for you.

Not only is Rome one of the largest tourist destinations in the world it is also a major archeological site. Structures like the Colosseum and Pantheon have stood for almost 3000 years.
Rome is also famous for water fountains, aquaducts, art museums, and statues. It’s an architectural wonderland with building styles ranging from Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance, Neoclassic and Modern. No matter what your taste in sight seeing, you’ll find something to appease you in Rome.

If your idea of a romantic getaway includes strolling through beautiful parks and gardens you will not be disappointed. Rome also has one of the largest green areas of any major city with stunning parks and fountains. One such park is the Villa Borghese where you can rent a row boat to travel on the lake, or stroll down shady walkways and look at the many water fountains within the park.
If you’re an art lover, the Galleria Borghese art gallery is also located within the park. Be sure to see the Water Clock while you’re there.

The Villa d’Este is a villa located in Tivoli, a short distance outside of Rome. One of it’s main attractions is the Renaissance architecture, splendid gardens, artwork and paintings. It boasts a lush garden maze you can stroll through with over 500 fountains. If you’re looking for a nice day trip away from the main city this is the place for you.

The Antico Borgo di Trastevere is a quaint villa hotel in Trastevere. The rooms are small but if you want a nice feel for Italian culture and archetecture this is a nice affordable place to stay. It has been discovered as a tourist destination so there are plenty of bars, cafes, shops, and restaurants to appeal to tourist.

If you decide to stay in the local hotels instead of national chains, you may want to insure they offer air conditioning if you need it. Many of these bed and breakfast types of establishments do not offer modern ammenities. However, that is part of their appeal.


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